Day Four
November 21, 2015
The end is nigh…
November 23, 2015

Day five- almost the end!

Day Five:

It’s almost the weeeeeeekend baby! Today we attend a sold-out workshop called Business Storytelling with Confidence. This was a really interactive workshop around building a story around your business. It took place in the British Library- 50 times bigger than JHB library and enough floors to get lost in for hours and hours and hours.


This workshop was three hours long and in these really warm air-conditioned interiors, I always find myself catching fish. I’m proud to say that by propping my eyelids open with matchsticks, I stayed awake the entire three hours ;-p


And finally all the way back to Victoria to have our final meeting and debriefing with the super-organised Catherine. Almost done here, I cannot believe how fast the days have passed by.

It’s not all work though, Bump is this really great pop-up roller skate disco, let’s just say a whole load of retro fun was had for the time I was actually not on the floor on my ass and could stay on my skates!