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From a Cold But Beautiful Thames River To The British Council #Dreamtrepreneur
November 19, 2015
Day five- almost the end!
November 22, 2015

Day Four

Hi Ho, it’s off to the Pillbox we go!

Shared workspaces are a huge thing here, it’s really convenient and cheap for budding business that don’t need huge amounts of space. Oh, and did I mention that there’s wifi EVERYWHERE? And that its super fast- like, DropBox syncs everything in 5 minutes kind of fast, whereas back home it took 5 days to sync the same crap.


So here at the uber cool Pillbox studios, I met with Amanda Overs, a lovely Australian lass who’s been running the simplest shoe making workshops I’d ever come across. Her philosophy is simple; anyone can and should be able to make shoes. Her company is called I Can Make Shoes (Sorry guys back home, she no longer ships to SA, thanks to our charming Postal Service).


Her studio was way neater than mine J Her business had been running for 6 years already so it was great to talk about the teething problems she’d experienced and the difficulties she’d faced initially. I wish I’d actually had the time to take on one of her short classes, but alas, maybe next time!


And then it was off to Paul I went. Paul is a range of French Boulangeries (GAHD, I hope I spelt that right!) whose offerings are everything from macarons to baguettes and every other cool unpronounceable French nibble there is. Turns out the pricing was WAYYYY over my budget. Hah! Thank goodness for coffee which will always save your ass so you don’t look like a broke-ass hustler -_-


Here I met with Jacob Mothopeng and John Saunders, Jacob I’d met before at South Africa House, he works for the High Commission and John Saunders is the CEO at the British Footwear Association. I think it’s become a global problem by this time that local industry has died a quiet death because of cheap and rapid-fire imports from the Far East. I think that consumers need to start voting with their purses and trying to support locally made is the one key way we can say no to cheap and nasty.

Ay carumba, I cannot believe the time has flown by so quickly, just a few more sleeps and we’ll be on our way back home.

Maybe two weeks would have been better? #justsaying


With Amanda Overs

With Amanda Overs

Pillbox is uber cool

Pillbox is uber cool