Today’s The Day, The Beginning of The Workshops! #Dreamtrepreneur Day Two

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November 17, 2015
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Today’s The Day, The Beginning of The Workshops! #Dreamtrepreneur Day Two

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Tuesday – November 18

Today’s the day; your mountain is waiting, so get on your way- Dr. Seuss

I am incredibly excited about today! After power loading at breakfast (hey, we are on a budget here and breakfast is free…) we set off to Croydon, which apparently is or used to be a slum but is undergoing a facelift.

Our first workshop is based around the usage of Twitter for business and is run by an awesome facilitator called David Fernandez (apparently, this particular Fernandez surname originates in Sri Lanka, although David is as English as a cup of tea and a biscuit at 4pm, useless factoid # 1625448 courtesy of me)

The workshop was quite thorough, and for a techtard like me, it was pretty darn useful.

I could not wait to get to my next appointment, which was with James Taylor and Son Bespoke Footwear- one of London’s oldest bespoke footwear companies. Mr. Stephen Robinson, who bought the company from the original owners a while back- and I got carried away chatting about the footwear industry and the issues that it faces in a modern world, skill sets and how he happens to be the only bespoke footwear maker in London that uses 3D technology to scan feet and create incredibly detailed and customized lasts.  I got a tour of his charming, quaint workshop, saw all his fantastic shoe elves, a lot of whom were women, I think he’s doing an admirable job of keeping the craft alive in his business.

London is a teeming, heaving mass of bodies. People, so caught up in their own little worlds, rushing here and there like mice, scurrying to and fro. I feel like I’m constantly at risk of being swept off my feet- but not in a good way, if you’re not careful, you’d be taken out of the game pretty seriously!